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Mstar Property

Mstar property establishes in Los Angeles, California, in 2001 as a Mortgage finance company and later become a property development company. We build more than 5000 home in California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado. We later expanded our business in South East Asia in Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam with a total unit of 6500 home build in 2001.

Mstar Technology

Mstar Technology started in 2007 in Los Angeles, California, with more than 50 developers in the US. We expanded our business to Thailand in 2020. We are currently one of the best web development and software engineer companies in Thailand. Mstar builds software applications for many government projects and for more than 5000 websites and mobile applications for small to large corporations and individuals around the world.

ABS Fulfillment – E-commerce fulfillment  center

Manufacturers, distributors, and online retailers will find all the services they need to sell their products directly to consumers here at ABS Fulfillment. We have increased our warehouse space from 1 Millions square foot of distribution space. We’ll distribute and fulfillment your products to customers nationwide, with lower shipping costs to both you and your customers.

We offer the most advanced logistics software application and tools to help you ship your products quicker than ever before. Our customer service staff is also here to communicate with customers on your behalf. Our sales staff will learn your products inside and out so they can answer all questions. We ship more than a thousand packages a day through our carrier partners. We take a percentage of the profit, there are no other fees! If you don’t make a sale, you do not owe us anything. Why wait? This is a limited offer. With us, you can sell your products at a lower cost and with faster shipping. We can help manage your inventory efficiently and professionally. Let us be your business partner!


The company was established in 1989 under JSJ Enterprise Co., Ltd (Susi Dee) in Los Angeles, California, and Point Image (Thailand) Co, Ltd. in 1992. Later in 2004 the company add new affiliate company as American Buying Service (ABS) and expanded its office to Los Angeles, California. Later the company incorporated all the business into a holding company under Point Image Inc. and then later change to Mstar Inc.


The company started business as a buying office and procurement services that offered buying and sourcing services to companies such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, Hudson’s Bay, Polo Ralph Lauren, K & R Sportswear, Cradle Tog, Baby Tog, Warner Bros., Little Me, Carter, Disney, and more. American Buying Service employs more than 200 employees worldwide to help service customers globally. In 2010, the company expanded its service line into online marketing, formulation and packaging, fulfillment center, and logistics services to help overseas online retailers save on freight costs and be able to complete their online business in the U.S.
The company sees the trend of brick-and-mortar stores fading and is showing rapid growth in online business. The company has come up with a strategy to help factories save on shipping costs and be able to compete with U.S. importers in price and with better service. Overseas factories are able to sell directly to consumers and bypass middlemen.

American Buying Service can help companies that want to expand their business in the U.S. to be able to compete. If your company is ready to expand and you want to get your brand known to the world, we are here for you!

Heatly Planets

Healthy Planets is an online supplement store that provides everything you need about health supplement, medicine and more!

Global One Travel

Global one travel wants to make subscription travel a new way of travel. We want everyone to be able to travel in a luxury style for less.  You don’t need to dig up your life savings for a vacation plan. You can now afford to pay for your luxury vacation for less than a cup of coffee per day.

Global one travel wants to change the travel industry to be more affordable for everyone. We want the world to be closer to you. Our goal is to make it possible for everyone to be able to travel at least 2 times a year without using their saving account to pay for their vacation. Everyone deserves to travel like a billionaire for less without hurting their pocketbook.

Web Mobile Expo

Web& Mobile Developer Expo is LA’s newest gathering for LA’s and world tech, developers and startup community with panels, keynotes, workshops, and more April 13-15 2018 in LA. Highlights include: keynotes with top tech developers and leaders, panels, hands-on workshops, Startup Village, and more.  We are excited to celebrate this event that allow developer from all around the world to connect and showcase their business to the public. After informative and inspiring panels during the day, attendees can enjoy multiple networking parties and mixers to connect with others.WebMobile Expo is created by Mstar, the event will host more than 30,000 people and 300 exhibitors from all over the world.

Mstar Capital Group

Mstar capital work with many angle investors and venture capitalist worldwide that are second to none. Our strength in short-term and long terms investment that run by teams of experienced professionals that know how to invest and are able to give a steady and large return of investment to all our clients.


Hizoz is a E commerce site that sell high-end products throughout America, Asia & Europe.

Mstar Foundation

Mstar Technology started in 2007 in Los Angeles, California, with more than 50 developers in the US. We expanded our business to Thailand in 2020. We are currently one of the best web development and software engineer companies in Thailand. Mstar builds software applications for many government projects and for more than 5000 websites and mobile applications for small to large corporations and individuals around the world.

FOODONLINES.COM parent company has been in business since 1998, as a buying office and wholesaler. We have been able to establish a long history of customer satisfaction through competitive price, high-quality and best customer services.

We work hand in hand with manufacturers around the world. This way, we import goods directly from manufacturers and bypass distributor. We buy in large quantity with little mark-up so we can pass on the saving to our customers


Global One Property is committed to delivering the best rent and house buying experience, customer service, and high end property from all around the world to choose from.


We want student to be able to receive the best education from anywhere in the world at affordable prices


Gorilla Music approaches unique artists that will bring new, original, and revolutionized music to the world. Every artist under the Gorilla music label is carefully selected as the best in genres to meet the demand of new generations.


Now you can find that memorable experience with Obaki. You can have a dine out experience at home with a chef and invite your guests to join you or you can be by yourself. You can choose additional services like an escort to keep you company while having live band, DJ, Karaoke or even traditional dance.


The future of bartering. We aim to help all local vendors to expand their market and barter/trade their goods for assets and resources throughout the world


Highend and stylish online fashion that caters to the young generation and overweight people. Any size is a hero to us with Obanza !

Massive Entertainment Organizer

We promote and organize music festivals in Northern California. Our festivals showcase more than 30 artists performing on 640 acres and surrounded by nature. We give unique and memorable experiences to all attendees, and we always book the most popular artists and best food. Top restaurants from all over the world cater our fun events. We make every dollar spent well worth it! We care about safety as well, so security is of highest priority.


Our mission is to make sure that the legacy of over 50 years is kept alive. We are determined to share the secret recipe that was passed down to us for over 5 generations. Our one-of-a-kind yummy recipe that changes the way BBQ tastes with its tender meat will melt in your mouth

FOOD AT HOMES is a leading brand who provides quality ingrediants for chef’s recipes all around the globe.


Vadatus is part of Mstar Holding health division. Vadatus focus on health clinics, distribution of vitamins and medicine, and manufacturing and distribution of health care equipment worldwide.

Watch how we can help push your brand to be a global name!


Our groups of companies that help push Mstar to become global powerhouse. We extremely proud of our group of companies.

Mstar Property

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American Buying Service

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MStar Foundation

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Healthy Planets

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Mstar Capital Group

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Global One Travel

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Abs Fulfillment

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WolfHowl Music Festival

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Boogoo Music Festival


Foods At Home

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Established in 2007 in Los Angeles, California. Mstar corporate all of its business under one roof and become a holding company. The company operate business in Technology, Real Estates, Trading, Entertainment, finances, Electronic , Medical and food business and sold to over 30 countries worldwide. We give our first priority in Researching and Development to better compete in the market toward Ai technology, Software, Web technology and military technology.