Jakapun Viwatkurkul, C.E.O

Jakapun Viwatkurkul

Jakapun “Jack” Viwatkurkul was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and raised in the United States since age 11. He graduated from California State University, Northridge, with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Business Administration, and later received his MSF and MBA from University of Southern California (USC) in finance, and Keller Graduate School of Management with a major in E-commerce marketing. He is a highly successful entrepreneur, businessman, and self-made millionaire who founded the clothing line Susi Dee, Baby Tale in 1989 and 1992, and has been running a clothing enterprise since he was 22 years old. In 1992, Jack started a buying office to service U.S. and Canada major department stores, chain store and importers nationwide, assisting them in booking production orders such as apparel, foods and consumer products goods in Asia. In 1993, he started a finance company, becoming very successful and well-known in the finance industry, and in 2000, he opened a wholesale mortgage lending company and real estate development company that helped him to reach multi-millionaire status by the age of 36. He later created Mstar Inc. and become a CEO in a technology research and development company that deals with high-end technology and is involved in many military projects. In addition, he manages a food agency and distribution company together with a fulfillment center in the United States, and owns many online food businesses such as foodsathome.com, foodonlines.com, Americanbuyingservice.com, BBQyummy.com, and sushiplanets.com. Jack loves to be involved in the entertainment business, so he launched a LGBT music festival named Boogoo Music & Art Festival as well as Wolf Howl Music Festival in the United States and Asia.

Apart from his primary business pursuits in a high-end technology research company, the food industry, and the entertainment business, Jack has envisioned various space technology, air taxis, and highly sophisticated mobile technology. His goal is to help his hometown become the next technology hub of the world.